Rubber & PVC hose


Mandrel-Built Rubber Hose.

We supply a wide range of specialised mandrel built rubber hoses. These hoses offer a smooth bore with a lining selected to suit the conveyed materials. A wire helix provides protection against vacuum conditions where required. Other features include plain or enlarged ends, where the wire reinforcement terminates before the fixing cuff, ensuring a positive attachment to any fitting or spigot. In the case of enlarged-ended hoses, an interference free connection between hose and fitting can be accomplished. Anti-static wires and external armouring in addition to a choice of outer covers are all available. Hoses can be supplied complete with fittings or the hose only.


Long-length Suction & Delivery Hose.

Manufactured in Rubber or PVC, Suction & Delivery hoses meet all industrial requirements for use on applications such as steam, oil, chemical, water and air.


Composite Hose.

Extensively used by road and rail tanker operators, Composite Hoses are often employed for conveyance of a broad range of oils and chemicals. Lining materials include PTFE and polypropylene with end terminations consisting of all standard threaded connections, quick-release couplings and fixed and swivel flanged connectors, all available in mild steel, various grades of stainless steel, gun metal and aluminium.

Other rubber hoses available from stock.

Along with the specialist hoses outlined above, we also stock a vast array of rubber Hoses ranging from ¼” upwards, suitable for the following applications :-

  • Acid
  • Airlines
  • AnimalFeed
  • Agricultural
  • Brewery Systems
  • Chemical
  • Clear PVC
  • Clear Braided PVC
  • CompressorHose
  • Fire Applications
  • Food Quality
  • Natural Nylon
  • Oil Conveyance
  • Petroleum
  • Oxy-acetylene
  • Radiator Hose




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