Rubber Bellows

Moulded Rubber Bellows and Sleeves.

We offer a wide range of Moulded Rubber Bellows from thin-walled White Food Quality convoluted Sleeves, used on Vibratory sieves, to high pressure flanged units for use on vibration and noise isolation on pumps and all pressurised systems.


Moulded Rubber Bellows.

Moulded Rubber Bellows for pressurised systems are also available off-the-shelf, with working pressures up to 16 bar achievable from 1” to 16” diameters. Each unit is supplied with either mild or stainless steel spinning flanges drilled to match any flange table. For bore sizes up to 2”, bellows are also available with mild steel female union end fittings and are 8” overall length as standard. Overall lengths for standard stocked flanged bellows is 130mm, with other lengths obtainable upon request. Rubber liner compounds from stock include EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon and White Food Quality Nitrile. These elastomers generally suit most applications. However, for extremely high temperatures (up to 200 degrees centigrade) or strong or specific chemical attack, Viton is available to order.


Hand-Built Rubber Bellows.

For instances where standard Moulded Rubber Bellows are not suitable, a range of Hand-Built Rubber Bellows are available to order. These bellows combine a full-faced rubber flange with split backing flanges and are purpose-built to customers specifications and accommodate non-standard bore sizes and lengths. Hand-Built Bellows can be manufactured with a variety of liner materials including EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon, and Neoprene. For more specialised areas, abrasive resistant Natural rubber and Food Quality Nitrile and Silicone (FDA approved) can be constructed. Other alternatives include :-

Tapered Bellows for connecting differing pipe diameters. Filled Arch Bellows to give a smooth internal surface and Double-Arch Bellows forincreased movement capabilities.


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