Gaskets, Sheeting & Extrusion

Flexible Connections manufacture a comprehensive range of gaskets in all grades of natural and synthetic rubbers and sponge. Depending on size and quantity, each gasket is either machine punched or for more specialised gaskets, hand cut.

Our eight-ton Receding Head Press allows a quick turn-round where larger quantities often cause delays. Cutting tools can be individually made for customers and reserved for that use.

For specific gaskets, we stock a large variety of materials to enable individual shapes and sizes to be produced quickly including self-adhesive backing.


Materials available from stock include:


  • Black natural rubber
  • Red natural rubber
  • Black Neoprene rubber
  • Black Nitrile rubber
  • Black EPDM rubber
  • Tan para rubber
  • Black Viton rubber
  • Black anti-static latex rubber
  • Red rubber

Food Grade Elastomers

  • White FDA natural rubber
  • White FDA latex rubber
  • White FDA Neoprene rubber
  • White FDA Nitrile rubber
  • Blue FDA Nitrile rubber
  • White FDA EPDM rubber
  • White FDA Linaplus rubber
  • White FDA silicone rubber
  • Translucent FDA silicone rubber
  • Blue FDA silicone rubber
  • Blue FDA metal detectable rubber

Other Materials

  • White and blue Gylon
  • White PTFE
  • PTFE envelope gaskets
  • Felt
  • Cork
  • Asbestos-free fibre sheeting
  • Polyurethane
  • Ceramic fibre
  • Graphite sheeting
  • PVC
  • Soft iron
  • Brass taylor rings
  • Spiral wound
  • Switchboard matting
  • Copper



  • Self adhesive polyethylene sponge strip
  • White & black EPDM sponge
  • Black Neoprene sponge
  • White latex sponge
  • White silicone sponge
  • Clear PVC strip curtain
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