Flexible Ducting

Flexible Connections Ltd stock a range of ducting for use on air, fume and dust extraction.

Most flexible ducting consist of a thin wall material incorporating a wire helix to provide stability during use. Each application must be assessed individually to determine the best ducting solution. Areas to consider include pressure, temperature, flexibility and abrasive resistance.

Non-toxic and abrasion resistant polyurethane flexible ducting is available with a variety of wall thickness from 0.5mm upwards. 

Lightweight ducting offers good resistance to oil and solvent fumes and is widely used for transporting light granules and foodstuffs.

Heavier duty flexible ducting can be employed where a more aggressive media is present such as plastic, glass and metal processing industries.

As the polyurethane flexible ducting is translucent, internal product flow can be monitored for blockages.

Variations on wire helix include mild and stainless steel (ideal for anti-static continuation in pipe work), PVC and PVC coated steel. A PVC helix is also available with anti-static earth braid.

Rubber coated fabric flexible ducting is designed typically for the conveyance of air and fumes due to the poor abrasion resistance. 

Neoprene coated polyester flexible ducting includes a galvanised mild steel wire helix and is generally used in the following applications – exhaust fume emissions, chemical plants and the transfer of hot and cold air up to 125 degrees c.

Other flexible ducting available is Hypalon and silicone coated polyesters where higher temperatures (up to 300 degrees c.) are required. Viton coated polyester is also available for aggressive chemical attack and elevated temperatures (up to 210 degrees c.)

A range of specifically designed stainless and mild steel worm-drive clips are also available to establish a secure fit.

To compliment the range of standard flexible ducting available from stock, we also offer a variety of specialised flexible ducting for numerous applications. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements


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