Fabric Connectors & Filter Bags


Stitched Fabric Connectors.

Stitched fabric connectors are manufactured in a variety of fabrics from natural nylon to polyurethane and rubber proofed cloths. Our white silicone coated kevlar cloth is a purpose designed fabric to give maximum abrasion resistance and strength whilst retaining flexibilty. Stitched fabric connectors are all tailor-made to specific customer details and are hand fabricated in house. Each fabric connector is designed to accommodate any specific customer requirements and can be produced in any shape or form.


Stitched Fabric Covers.

We also manufacture dust covers and shrouds for use on hygienic applications. These dust covers are generally tailor-made and are designed to either prevent dust entering production lines or prevent products from bouncing out of production lines. They can be manufactured from easy wipe down coated fabrics to keep dust to a minimum and maintain a hygienic workplace.


Stitched Fabric Gaiters.

Generally used to prevent the ingress of contaminants onto screw threads and hydraulic rams etc, our stitched fabric gaiters are manufactured to allow a high degree of compression and elongation. This movement varies with the number of convolutions formed into the overall length of the unit, along with the outside dimension of each convolution.  End terminations for each unit are generally specified by the customer. Options include cuffed ends for clamping onto spigots, draw string or elasticated cuffs or flanges. Although only usable on non-pressurised systems, moulded rubber gaiters are also available for very low-pressure fluid applications.


Stitched Fabric Sleeves.

In addition to fabric gaiters, a full range of standard flexible fabric sleeves can be produced, again to any given dimensions. End connections are incorporated into the customers design and are an integral part of the unit. Alternative design options catered for include tapered fbric sleeves, offset angles, square-to-round flexible connectors and single or double-flanged connectors. General applications can be found on hopper covers, pipe chutes, vibratory equipment and load cells. 


Filter Bags.

Filter bags are manufactured from needlefelt & PTFE laminated needlefelt and can be made to any given measurements with a “bucket-bottom” or sewn flat. Flexible Connections Ltd also stock anit-static needlefelt and Clips can also be provided for fastening.


Stock fabrics include :-


  • White silicone coated Kevlar
  • Red silicone coated glasscloth
  • White silicone coated glasscloth
  • Blue silicone coated glasscloths
  • Neoprene coated nylon
  • Neoprene coated glasscloth
  • Green canvas
  • Anti-static Tersteel
  • White natural nylons
  • White polyurethane coated nylons
  • Blue polyurethane coated nylons
  • Clear PVC & polyurethanes
  • Red PVC coated polyesters
  • White PVC coated polyesters
  • Blue PVC coated polyesters
  • Needlefelt, anti-static needlefelt & PTFE coated needlefelt
  • Sanforised cotton
  • Bleached cotton




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