Docking & Inflatable Seals

Docking Seals.


Flexible Connections Ltd manufacture bespoke soft white FDA food-grade or red Linatex rubber docking seals produced from various grade sponges including EPDM, Neoprene and soft latex. Each seal has an inner sponge core fully encapsulated in a bonded rubber outer cover for durability.  The outer rubber can be made from a UV stable Neoprene rubber, soft abrasion resistant natural or  rubber, along with fully FDA approved white food grade rubbers.

We can produce the docking seals in both circular and rectangular shapes, and can also manufacture to customer drawings where required. We also have the capability to bond the seals to free-issue steelwork.





Inflatable Seals, collars and filler head seals.


We also manufacture inflatable collars and inflatable filler head seals in white FDA food-grade abrasive resistant rubbers and red Lintex abrasive resistant rubber available to customer specifications. Each inflatable seal can be fitted with a suitable threaded fitting to suit individual applications and can be produced with a red rubber or white FDA approved white food-grade rubber.




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